Google is experimenting with Behavioral AdWords

Update: Just posted this on NewTeeVee: Online ads, work in progress.
In an attempt to bring more relevance (and extract higher performance) to its AdWords advertising platform, Google is experimenting with a new kind of behavioral targeting technology, Susan Wojcicki, Google’s VP of Product Management (for all advertising-related efforts) said in a roundtable discussion with reporters earlier today.
For instance, if you open your browser and search for Italian Hotels, and followed that with keyword search for weather, the results will show “Italian Weather related” advertisements next to them. Wojcicki said that no user information is stored by Google, and this is on-the-fly ads that are displayed. Close the window (or the search session), and the relevance goes away, she said.
Wojcicki explained that these ads results are tied to a searcher’s intent at that moment, as shown by various search keywords. These are some of the efforts being undertaken by Google to improve and enhance its core business: advertising. [digg=]

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