Should Cisco kill the Linksys brand?

linksyslogo.gifCisco Systems, apparently is facing a dilemma: whether to lose to the Linksys brand name or not? Cisco bought Linksys a couple of years ago for $500 million, and it has been a good addition to the portfolio, expanding Cisco’s reach into consumer, SOHO and small and medium sized business markets. (Read: Cisco’s born again consumerism.)
CEO John Chambers has expressed his wishes many times to phase out Linksys brand, and just consolidate everything under the Cisco moniker. He reiterated the same in Europe last week. (See video on YouTube via UberPulse.)On the corporate blog, the company is saying the two brands can co-exist.
We can make jokes about CEO being the last one to know, but we won’t. Our friends at Light Reading think that Cisco should shank the Linksys name. eWeek thinks they will be shooting themselves in the foot.
linksysrouter.jpgI am with eWeek: who goes to BestBuy and asks for a Cisco-branded access point. Of course, some of us who follow the networking business too closely are likely to wonder: how much is Cisco overcharging me for this piece of plastic and silicon?
What do you think Cisco should do with the Linksys brand? Keep it or kill it?