Have Skype SMS your Voicemail text: By Late 2007

Thanks to a deal between Skype and SpinVox, Skype customers can now soon get their voicemail messages converted to text and sent to their mobile phones via SMS. The service launches soon today, and will be available in English, Spanish, French and German. This one seems to useful enough add for me to consider the Skype voicemail. It would be ideal if SpinVox worked with my favorite VoIP service, The Gizmo Project.
Updated: SpinVox was too eager to send out a press release, to create the hype, even though the service isn’t launching anytime soon. Not till end of the year. Anyway, this is the kind of poorly worded press release that ticks me off, and perhaps from this point forward, I am go over everything SpinVox says with a fine tooth comb.