070829: viral campaign for new mobile phone? Update: looks like Nokia’s N81 8GB phone


I’ll admit I have no idea what this is. I started to notice contextual Google Ads on our site for 070829 and since the ads are contextual, this likely has to do with mobile tech. Now, it’s against the AdSense TOS for me to click on our ads, so I just hit the website for 070829. If you want to follow what I’m talking about, I’m encouraging you to just click the direct link to the site because it’s also against AdSense TOS to encourage ad clicking. Now that I’ve covered the TOS…..what the heck is this?

From what I can gather, we’re looking at a new mobile phone and media player. You’ll have to see for yourself as this is one of those viral campaigns where more info will be released on a regular basis or it’s someone’s idea of a joke to see how viral they can get with a non-existent product. 😉 I did notice an RSS feed on the site, so I’ve added it for now. I also see a countdown, so from what I gather, we’ll see an official product launch, or a big Just foolin’ message on August 29th. The domain has been registered to a company in the U.K. known as Lightmaker, they appear to be a web design company, so no info can be gleaned from this info. The colored lights every now and again remind me of Joost for some reason….

[Update: one of our commenters might have called this one. Looks like the Nokia N81 8GB device based on the button config! Nice work Filip!]