Nokia Dials N-Series For Profits

I got a chance to hang out with Nokia’s chief strategist and chief technology officer Tero Ojanper√§ before the start of our fire side chat at the Always On Conference in Palo Alto. He pointed out that Nokia was having tremendous success with its N-Series phones, especially the N95 which was one of the top selling phones in UK for a few weeks, selling for around $750-a-pop.
[qi:053] Apparently, that wasn’t the only phone from the N-Series that is selling well, and along with strong demand of E-Series (more corporate focused high-end mobile devices), Nokia managed to post a surprisingly strong financials for the second quarter ending July 31, 2007.
Nokia shipped over 9 million Nokia Nseries and almost 2 million Nokia Eseries devices during the second quarter 2007. The total sales from Multimedia-related phones (which includes N-Series) were around EUR 2.7 billion. The Finnish company gained an additional 4% of the total global mobile handset market share, and flumoxxed the analyst community. (Of course, the performance managed to paper over the whipping Ericsson is unleashing on its Nokia Siemens Networks’ unit.)
Tero, during our fireside chat, pointed out that while these N-Series phones represent the cutting edge of Nokia line-up today, in three years their features would be common place in low-end budget phones that sell in the emerging wireless societies. In his opinion, when that happens, the impact on web, Internet and mobile experience is going to be huge.
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