V-Chip 2.0 Bill & Consequences For Online Video

[qi:020] The Senate Commerce Committee passed a bill called the Child Safe Viewing Act today. The bill introduced by Senator Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas Arizona) wants FCC to be the nanny not just for television video content but also for content on the Internet. When he introduced the bill, he said:

Today’s technology to protect children from indecency goes above and beyond the capabilities of the V-Chip. And with over 500 channels and video streaming, parents could use a little help.

Now I have no problem with his intentions, because protecting children from nefarious stuff is part of our moral duty. However, the problem is that a Bill like this can be taken out of context and further complications to the already complicated online video world. Adam Thierer, an old pal of ours now at at PFF has published a paper on this issue and for once we are in sync about the ramifications of this bill.
463 Communications partner Sean Garrett puts it best when he writes:

It’s the regulatory creep toward treating Internet and wirelessly delivered video the same as broadcast content.