NewTeeVee Week in Review

Just getting back from summer vacation? Had a little too many drinks at the barbeque? Sunshine distracting you from your news feeds? No worries, we’re here to tell you what you might have missed on NewTeeVee this week.
A big theme of the week was the empowerment of independent producers, not only the Lonelygirl folks, who struck a favorable deal to air their season finale on MySpace, but also the Wallstrip team, who we featured two months after they got bought by CBS. But on the money side, the dollars are having trouble finding their way online, with digital failing to meet expectations again at the upfronts.
There were a lot of ups and downs on the video aggregation front. In line with recent trends, the Associated Press’ asap video service kicked the bucket, while some professional comics, musicians got together for the new My Damn Channel. Bolt let it be known that its acquisition by GoFish still hadn’t gone through, while eBaum’s World got picked up by Handheld Entertainment.
The NewTeeVee team had more than one Puritan moment over the course of the week, with Steve pondered all the porn on Google Video, while Jackson questioned the ready availability of liquor ads on YouTube. Other good stories were Karina’s piece about a battle shaping up in NYC for the right to shoot video outdoors, and Janko’s list of some key lessons video podcasters could learn from public radio’s Ira Glass.