Live Blogging: Apple Media Event: New iMacs, iWork, iLife, Dot Mac upgrades

Update: Om just called in from the Apple store in Palo Alto, where he says none of the products Jobs promised would be available today are on sale yet. The online store is still “updating” as well
It is almost 10 am. A bunch of media folks including bloggers had been milling around, outside #4 Infinite Loop, waiting to get inside the auditorium. You can hear Scoble cackling somewhere in the background. Lots of international press here as well. Updates after the fold:
* Steve Jobs just entered the stage. Says. Thanks for coming over this morning, and we got great stuff for you.
* Lets talk about the Mac, and says Mac is growing three times the industry over the past 12 months, and it is picking up market share. We have best notebooks and desktops in the business.
* We are focusing on iMacs today. It is an all in one world. All devices are all-in-one devices. Notebooks are all in one devices. He says iMac is an all in one device, and that is our philosophy.
* Today, we are replacing 24-inch model and cheaper by $200 for $1799. 20 inch for $1199 and $1499. 17-inch is discontinued.
* We are turning to AL and Glass like we have done with Pro lines and now we are making iMAC from AI/Glass. Thinner and sleeker than the current one.
* We are going to make iMac better. Aluminum and Glass based iMAC. Waiting to see the new one!
* Firewire 800, 400, three USB 2.0 ports, SuperDrive, add memory by popping out one screw. Two sizes 20 inch and 24 inch displays – both are glossy displays.
* New keyboard (as rumored), jokes (you might have seen on the web.)
* It has some dedicated keys – Expose, Dashboard, Dimmer, Media Keys.
* New Wireless Keyboard (very compact) has Bluetooth 2.0 and dedicated keys.
* Intel Core 2 Duo processors, up to 2.8 GHZ on 24 inch model, up to 4 GB of memory, faster graphics ATI Radeon , up to one terabyte storage and Wireless-N. $1199: 250 GB, 2 G processor. Available now.
* It has been thought through from a recycling perspective. High quality plastic, aluminum and glass.
* New ad, pretty sweet. Simple.
* Next we are talking about Applications we run on the Mac.
* Announces iLife’08. This is the biggest jump in the iLife since we announced it first. In iPhoto, we are adding something called events. As our photo libraries have grown, so to find these photos we have scroll through thousands of photos. We make albums to find photos, and look what happens, is we have tens of albums.
* These photos happen around events. We are going to add events, and you get an events or a photo view. Make better management and organize photos. It automatically makes events, it takes everything depending on a day, and put them together in an event. You can split multiple event photos on a single day. Added hide photos feature. Showing off iPhoto on the new iMac. The events feature is actually pretty cool.
* 1.7 million subscribers. Now you can publish iPhoto gallery to your Dot MAc account and create Dot MAC web gallery. We can see photos on the web in any browser, in any form your want.
* Very rich Web 2.0 experience. people can download these photos – print quality. People can upload to your web gallery, and you can also see them on your iPhone. He is talking about skimming, which is very cool. When you take a photo, you can send it directly to your iPhone and syncs with iPhoto. You want to try this – awesome.
More dot-Mac stuff coming. Looks like syncing is here on Dot Mac. Has seriously pushed the Web 2.0 envelope on iPhoto/Dot Mac Gallery stuff.
* iMovie’08: story behind iMovie 08. one of our most brilliant video engineers went on vacation to cayman islands. he shot with HD screen, and he wanted to make a short clip – five minutes and not spend more than 30 minutes not spend less than 30 minutes. He couldn’t do it with any other tools. He made a new software to do it and we were blown away. We have made it the iMovie 08. It is a whole new app, not an upgrade, brand new.
* iMovie has an interface which is like iPhoto now. Skim to preview. You can select video like you select text. You can add polish very quickly. You can share your movie anywhere – iTunes version, dot Mac Web Gallery, and have it encoded it in multiple resolutions. You can upload it to YouTube directly. All built in. He is demoing the software. No more sending DVDs to Grand Ma.
10:51: I am wondering what is next.
* More movies are going to be made and shared.
* New iWeb, Live Web Widgets , Add Google Maps into it. Copy and past any widgets like YouTube, building in AdSense, sign-up right inside the App. It is easy to add AdSense. Build an index page, and simply drag your content. Personal domain support, theme switching is supported.
* iDVD’08: We have enhanced this, and have added 10 new themes. Spends very little time on the app.
* Garageband is upgraded, doing a demo. New feature called Magic Garage Band. Which has some basic genres to play with. Doing a demo right now. Turning music making into a game?
* We think this is the biggest enhancement in iLife. And will sell for $79 a pop. Free with all new Macs. Buy new Mac, save $79 dollars.
* Dot Mac has new Web Gallery. We are going to boost storage capacity from 1 GB to 10 GB storage for all subscribers. No over the air syncing – damn
* iWork is our suite of productivity apps. Keynotes and Pages, and we are very pleased to report sold 1.8 million copies of iWork.
* iWork’08. New text effects and features in Keynote. New transitions, something called Instant Alpha, and lets you take out the backgrounds and add to the presentation. New easy to make Keynote feature called Smart Builds. Small animations for mere mortals.
* Pages is a word processor and page layout. We have two modes now word processor and page layout. Distinct modes for both usages. Contextual bar, change tracking in your Pages documents, and 140 apple designed templates. We have templates for pretty much everything.
* We are introducing our spreadsheet, Numbers, spread sheet for rest of us. Intelligent tables. The usual spreadsheet features.
* Doing the Numbers Demo!
* It completes our productivity suite, iWork 08, $79 and it is available today.
Now we can something in this intimate setting, and invites Tim Cook and Phil Schiller for a Q&A. I will post notes from this later.