Photo Management

iphoto In the wake of the iPhoto announcement, especially its shiny new features and (in my mind) much more appealing interface, I thought I would take another look at Aperture.
This really does make sense: I work with professional creative types, and they convinced me that I ought to be using Aperture over iPhoto. I had some money to burn that month, so I picked up a copy – and watched it kill my MacBook Pro. I was shocked – CPU usage through the roof, free memory gone, every other app – including my desktop pager – stalled if not dead outright – it was ridiculous. Here I am, running what Apple is billing as its top-of-the-line for portable graphics professionals, with plenty of RAM and processor to burn, and this supposedly-crucial app won’t really work. (Although my code compiles like lightning, I will grant.) As if that weren’t enough, Aperture insists that some of my rolls were taken years before they were – as much as three years – and won’t seem to let me change that.
aperture Disgusted with the interminably-whirling blue ball of not-really-progress, I switched back to iPhoto, and started doing even the most minor retouching in Photoshop. Now, though, I would rather use an app I’ve already bought than fork over still more for iLife ’08. I’m sure there are reasons for and against any of the big options, but I don’t know enough about any of them, really, to tell.
What do you think, and what do you use? iPhoto? Aperture? Something else, like Lightroom? Favor me (and the other photo newbies around here) with your wisdom in the comments.