I’ve been assimilated by AT&T. Resistance was futile.

Att_horiz_color_lrgYes, the Borg AT&T has completed my assimilation and we are now one with the collective. Resistance was futile since I had a Verizon Wireless family plan with two lines and one T-Mobile plan in addition to my iPhone plan. Barb and I hit the AT&T store over the weekend and went through the dreaded porting process like two Klingons on a vegetarian diet: we feared the worst. The T-Mobile plan is history and with the $175 ETF, I ended up with a Dash that cost me $225 since I only paid $50 for it after rebate. It’s now unlocked and usable on the AT&T network, but those in the collective already knew that since we are one.

As far as the Verizon Wireless plan, Barb and I took our numbers fromthere and brought them over to AT&T. The entire porting processflew by at Warp Factor 9; roughly 15 minutes from the time our AT&Trep called Verizon until my old VZW number was on the iPhone. Barb gota new phone, a Samsung SYNC, and it was even quicker for her number.What was as uncertain as flying into a cloud of Tachyon particles wasthe end result of the changes on my AT&T bill. See, if you want aniPhone family plan, AT&T is happy to sell it to you: two iPhones ona plan are $109 a month for example. What I didn’t know was theplan fee if you only want one iPhone (heaven forbid!) and one otherphone: I had to bump up my iPhone plan from $59 to $79 a month in orderto add Barb at $9.99. That’s because the iPhone plan is truly a $39voice plan and a $20 data plan; you need a qualifying voice plan at $59to add a family plan line. Overall, the process was as efficient as thePicard Maneuver…..I simply said "Make it so" and it was done. All iswell until that first communication from Starfleet Command bill from AT&T which I hear is around 50 pages in some cases.