NewTeeVee Week in Review

Even if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the site this week, here’s a chance to step back and see the forest, not just the trees. And as the late summer sun dwindles, there’s hope yet for a balmy final Pier Screenings of the season.

So Google has decided to get out of the paid video game — and are taking their DRM licenses with them. But then, people who’d like to purchase downloads are used to getting screwed over, and are leery as a result. Mayhaps Blockbuster can fix the problems with sites like Movielink, or networks can figure out how to use P2P to their advantage.

Liz was so offended by the accusations leveled against ABC that after watching i-Caught she left for the broadband utopia of Europe. Kidding! She already had plans for a well-deserved vacation, and as usual I was the one stirring up trouble, calling for labor unions and such nonsense.

The background information which illustrates the simultaneously unique and typical example set by BensonLover99, detailed by Karina Longworth, provides a striking look into the mind of the un-self-consciously media-savvy. Laurie Sullivan takes a closer look at EdgeCast, another CDN on the prowl amidst falling prices, while Craig Rubens asks readers to take a closer look at Zombies.