Publish2 Joins The Social News Party

[qi:036] Long time GigaOM contributing editor Robert Young and Scott Karp, formerly of Atlantic Media and well known media blogger have just soft launched their new company, Publish2. Karp is the CEO and co-founder, while Young is the Chairman and co-founder of the new company.

The New York-based start-up will create a platform for journalists, giving them tools including book marking abilities, news aggregators and a publishing platform, and allow them to build a social network around these offerings. The company is using Drupal CMS as the basis of its platform. Scott Karp outlines the vision of the company in this blog post.

On a more personal note, I wish Young and Karp my very best – for they are sharp media minds, who have been kicking around with this idea for a while. If you read Young and Karp’s writings over past few years, the premise of the new company shouldn’t come as a surprise.