Weekend Reader

Skype Recovers – After a week that the folks at Skype will surely want to forget, Skype gets back to business.

Banish Boring RSS with Voyage – If you’re tired of plain-looking online RSS readers, spend some time with this one. Posts are arranged on a 3D timeline with perspective and color-coding, and you can zoom around this information space using your mouse for navigation. Full-on information junkies will still find Google Reader more efficient for churning through huge numbers of feeds, but Voyage sure is pretty.

There’s a Portal for Everything – And OnHeadsets is the one for headsets. They review headsets for everything from Nintendo DS to your motorcycle helmet, link to retailers and vendors, collect coupons, and write about developments in the headset industry.

FlyLite for the Traveling Web Worker – If you’re the sort of web worker who is constantly jetting from one meeting to another, you might want to check out FlyLite. You store a bunch of your clothing with them, and when you’re ready for a business trip, use their online interface to drag and drop the items you want out of your virtual closet. They arrange for the clothing to meet you at your hotel, and later handle pickup, cleaning, and tuck them away again. The service isn’t cheap, but neither is time spent waiting at baggage claim or letting the TSA folks paw through your luggage. I would have killed for this the year I spent 250 days on the road.

iYomu Wants to Buy a Community – iYomu, a site that offers “social networking for grownups,” has launched their Million Dollar Challenge. From now till the end of December, you earn points by referring friends, solving puzzles, and otherwise participating. At the end of the year, someone gets a million bucks.

WhoDoes is Still Doing It – This online project management software, which we looked at a few months back, is out with version 1.1. New features include iCal integration, higher-end subscription plans, and speed improvements. If you want a simpler alternative to BaseCamp they’re worth a peek.

The Ultimate in Telecommuting – Astronaut Barbara Morgan taught a class at the Challenger Learning Center for Space Science Education while she was 225 miles up in the Endeavour the other day. I’d better not hear any whining from potential clients about how Washington state is too far from their office in the future.

The Iceberg Approaches – Iceberg on Demand offers a completely web-based platform for building, sharing, and even selling business-oriented applications. I had a demo of their drag-and-drop designer and speed of UI building the other day and it’s looking promising. They’re not launched yet, but there’s a signup for their beta waiting list on the home page and a little bird told me the list is already growing quickly.

Take That, Google! – The Google Hot Keys browser extension (available for both Firefox and IE) adds up, down, and return keyboard navigation to Google results, as well as split-screen preview and link checking.