Another Day, Another Internet Set-top Box

[qi:_newteevee] I just posted a piece over on NewTeeVee about Building B, a start-up, that is building a new kind of a home video god box, that combines traditional video, video on demand, web video and the kitchen sink. Except, they are being pretty tightlipped about the technology and how they will use some yet-to-be-disclosed wireless technology to deliver video, and that makes me skeptical of their claims.

The people behind the company are pretty impressive, just like the venture funds that pumped in $17.5 million. Will it work? Not sure, but one thing is clear – the list of people building hardware for video (and web video) is slowly increasing. VUDU, Verissimo, Boxee are some of the start-ups in this market, while there are all sorts of incumbent action. AT&T already sells such a box that uses wireless for video delivery, and broadband. (Continue Reading the story at NewTeeVee if you are up for it.)