Jabra BT8030: Bluetooth headset transforms to small speaker system


I don’t see these on the Jabra U.S. site yet, but FarEastGizmos is showing off the Jabra BT8030 headset. What’s unique about this Bluetooth device is the transforming ability: you wear the headset for your mobile phone calls, but you unfold the headset for use as a mini-speaker system. At nearly $250, it might be cheaper to purchase two separate devices instead of an all-in-one, but when space is at a premium in the gadget bag, converged devices go a long way.

FarEastGizmos claims 32-hours of talk time, 26 hours for music through the speakers and 600 hours of standby. Stellar battery performance, but I’d like to hear music through the speakers as a sound check before buying. At least they don’t have the humongous blue rights of light that James is showing off with his new cans. 😉 He’s got a short video over at the jkOTR Facebook readers group, which I’m sure we’ll see here on the main site soon.

(via Engadget)