JKK shows off the Kohjinsha SH6, a nice little laptop


Is it a laptop, a Tablet PC, or UMPC? Heck, it doesn’t matter what you call it because the Kohjinsha SH6 is a nice portable device. JKK shows it off in a video and it’s quite an impressive little number. I know Steve Paine has used a Kohji for mobile blogging and I can see why; the device handles Vista reasonably with 2 GB of RAM (which is a nice UMPC upgrade) and the integrated keyboard appears quite capable as well. For an integrated keyboard, this is about as small as I could personally go, so I’m curious to see how the upcoming HTC Shift compares as they appear comparable. Since the SH6 has more screen bezel, I suspect the Shift keyboard will be smaller than the one on the SH6.

(via UMPC Portal)