Skype Explains What Happened Again

[qi:86] After no one bought their first explanation, Skype is trying one more time, this time elaborating on the Microsoft connection. Some of the details they offered is what the bloggers had already guessed.

In previous instances where a large number of supernodes in the P2P network were rebooted, other factors of a “perfect storm” had not been present. That is, there had not been such a combination of high usage load during supernode rebooting.

They still don’t answer two basic questions: Why did the breakdown happen on Thursday, and not on Tuesday when typically Microsoft patches are released? Second, will it happen again?

Yes, the bug has been squashed. The fix means that we’ve tuned Skype’s P2P core so that it can cope with simultaneous P2P network load and core size changes similar to those that occurred on August 16.