Sun Touts Energy Efficient Data Centers

Sun Microsystems has put a lot of resources into greening its data centers — and letting everyone know about it every step of the way. Today the company shares some details about three new data centers that it opened over the last few months in Santa Clara, Calif., Blackwater, U.K., and Bangalore, India. Sun says the new data centers use energy efficient designs, technology and power and cooling systems. Sun plans to reduce its corporate datacenter energy usage by 20% in fiscal year 2008.

The company also announced a bunch of eco tools today — the Eco Innovation Initiative — that will help its customers follow in Sun’s energy efficient footsteps. (Update)

We’re going to head down to Sun’s event in Santa Clara today, where the company will talk about the best ways to reduce energy consumption in data centers. And we’ll be sure to check out the tour of the 76,000 square foot Santa Clara data center this afternoon. We’ll add more details from the event.

The main reason why companies are looking to reduce energy consumption in data centers is cost. Data centers are power hogs and energy costs are expected to exceed the cost of data center equipment itself. The EPA says that $4 billion in annual electricity costs could be saved through more energy efficiency in U.S. data centers. Hopefully they are thinking about the prevention of carbon emissions too. Oh, yeah and of course the PR.