Zoho’s online Writer app goes offline: read only now; read, write soon

Zohowriterlogo1One the quickest ways to save a good amount of hard drive space on a mobile device is to NOT install an office productivity suite. Of course, then you have to rely on a web-based product so you need connectivity. Or do you? If you use Google Docs & Spreadsheets, you do but if you’re a fan of Zoho Writer, you don’t as of today. The company just enabled an offline method using….(are you sitting down?)…..Google Gears. Kind of ironic, but I’m sure Google will enable Gears on their own office-like apps soon enough. I know that Google Gears works great for me: I can pull down hundreds thousands of items in my RSS feeds for offline reading. For now the offline capability is read only, but the company is shooting for read/write offline functionality in a few weeks.