Why Virtualization Is Hot: Money

It has been a summer of virtualization: the blockbuster IPO of VMWare (VMW) followed by the $500 million acquisition of XenSource by Citrix Systems (CTXS).

For now, the key driving force behind virtualization is money – rather need to save money. “The cost of power in the data center is surpassing the amount of the equipment. It didn’t used to be that way,” Sun Microsystems (SUNW) CIO Bob Worrall told Earth2Tech. And virtualization seems to be one way to tacking the issue:

Virtualization right now is at the tip of the iceberg. It is going to be complementary to solving the whole power problem. It’s a dirty secret in the industry that most data centers today run inefficiently. Virtualization makes it easier for CIOs who want to run servers at 80 or 85 percent. It’s the only way to get there.

Full interview with Worrall @ Earth2Tech.