PoIC: An Amazing Analog Organization System

The team here at Web Worker Daily has covered various GTD apps, methods, obsessions, and what-have-you over the years, but this index card-based system, PoIC (Pile of Index Cards) linked in LifeHack this week, is blowing my mind.

It appeals to so many parts of my psyche…the office supply fetishist…the icon afficianado…the organizational aspirant…the penmanship idealist…

This system is so ornate and yet simple and beautiful at the same time, it seems almost impossible to maintain. This may be one of those cases where the cost of being this organized has reached a point of dimishing returns. And in all honesty, the picture where all the cards are spread out for grouping makes me feel a little nauseated. I feel much better with them categorized and safely contained in the index box.

I don’t know what this says about me. But I do think that the PoIC is a stroke of mad genius.