Thursday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines

MySpace and MTV Host Pols, one-to-one chats with presidential candidates and a live audience will bring together Fox’s Web property with Viacom’s youth-oriented network for the first time. (Reuters)

Afterworld’s Cross-Platform Success Story, the $3 million Web series now playing on MySpace will also air on the SciFi network — production company Electric Farm Entertainment will follow with two new shows, one featuring Rosario Dawson. (LA Times)

Limelight Inks Deal With Microsoft, the content-delivery network already streaming MSNBC and others has signed a multiyear agreement to provide its services to the Seattle software giant. (Digital Media Wire)

Video Search Comparisons, there’s lots of choices to find the video you’re looking for — these two articles run down the results and features. (Alt Search Engines, WSJ)

New York Times Discovers Video Chat, and lists various ways to connect to friends and family with a broadband connection and a Web cam. (NY Times)

One Console to Rule Them All, or at least that seems to be Sony’s plan, as evidenced by its unveiling of a TV-tuner extension in Europe that adds DVR to the list of digital media features on the PS3. (Ars Technica)

YouTube Adds Comment Ratings; now users can give comments “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” similar to Digg. It’s a good move, because the site’s comments are often pretty bad. (see any YouTube video; thanks Martin)