And Earthlink Cuts 900 Jobs

As we had reported earlier, Earthlink (ENLK) announced a major restructuring. They will hold a conference call tomorrow morning. According to their news release, they are going to shut down many satellite offices and about 900 people will lose their jobs. As a result of the corporate restructuring, EarthLink expects to generate $25 – $35 million in cost savings through the remainder of 2007.

These changes get our cost structure in line, but there is much more to do,” said Rolla P. Huff, EarthLink President and CEO. “We expect to announce additional steps as we continue our work over the coming weeks and months.”

The worst isn’t over it seems for the company:

Given current trends in the Internet access industry, management expects industry-wide gross subscriber additions to decelerate in 2008. This will result in fewer gross subscriber additions for EarthLink as it will no longer add new subscribers that do not yield a positive lifetime value for our shareholders. Additionally, as subscriber growth slows, the company expects to realize fewer migrations from narrowband to broadband.