iPhone Headphone Adapter Roundup

iPhone users quickly found out that the headphone jack on the iPhone is recessed several millimeters and standard headphones won’t fit in the jack.

Belkin Adapter

Belkin iPhone Headphone Adapter The first company to release an adapter was Belkin, but the adapter is rigid, ugly and looks like a 3″ antennae sticking out of the top of your iPhone. The adapter sells for $10.95, but is getting bad reviews, and I’d recommend looking into other options below.

Griffin Adapter

Griffin iPhone Headphone Adapter The Griffin adapter looks better, as it’s not rigid and doesn’t pose the risk of breaking your headphone adapter by bumping into a wall or door. Still, it’s bulky and very noticeable and is not even available yet.

RadTech Adapter

ProCable iPhone Headphone Adapter The best looking adapter available now is the RadTech Audio Extension Cable. Available in two lengths, 3″ and 4″, this adapter is as sleek as you could expect and is the least expensive, at only $7.95. I highly recommend this adapter, and have bought one for my iPhone.

Shure Adapter

Shure iPhone Headphone Adapter The Shure adapter has a longer cable and includes an inline microphone, so you can still use the phone function while listening to standard headphones. At $39.95, it is the most expensive adapter. I don’t think an inline microphone is worth an extra $30. I want an adapter to use old-style over the ear headphones to get superior sound quality. If I get a call, I’ll unplug them and put the phone to my ear.

Apple Adapter

Apple iPhone TTY Adapter There are more choices than previously, but I am still surprised no one has released a simple, elegant adapter that is as minimalistic as possible. While I was browsing the iPhone Cables cateogry at the Apple Store, I couldn’t help but notice the TTY Adapter by Apple. It’s small and sleek, just like you would expect from Apple. I wonder, if a TTY adapter can be made this small why can’t they a headphone adapter?