Booq Vyper exo Laptop Bag Review

Vyper exo XL

Back in March I sold my G5 tower in favor of the mobile life and have been using a 17″ MacBook Pro since then.

There are a plethora of bags/totes/backpacks/etc for traveling with your laptop so there was a pretty big sea of things to chose from. I’ve tried a few different bags over the past few months a must say that the bag I use now is by far my favorite.

Booq is know for their durable and sleek bags. Almost all of their bags are made out of ballistic nylon, waterproof zippers, and a hard shell with seatbelt nylon straps. These things are seriously heavy duty. I was particularly attracted to their Vyper exo line which is large enough to carry some extras with you but not so bulky that it looks like you’re carrying around a duffle bag.

Their Vyper exo line is also their first product to make use of their new Terralinq feature. Each booq bag comes with a unique ID number etched in metal and attached to your bag so that if you loose your bag (and laptop), the person who finds it just goes to the booq site and reports the bag with the unique ID. You’d then hopefully get your precious cargo back.

Booq Vyper exo XL

I lugged around my 17″ MackBook Pro all over the country in both cars and planes and must say it easily withstood the beating. It fit perfectly in under-seat airplane storage while still holding all the random extras I was carrying with my laptop.

The only thing I might change is to lower the number of extra pockets and storage areas. It seems a tad overkill to me but I’m sure others could easily put them to use.

The price tag on a Vyper exo XL (the largest size) is $195. The price can give a little bit of sticker-shock, but these really are top of the line bags that you’ll get years of use out of. 10 out 10 stars…easily.