Cleantech Party Report: GoingGreen’s 100 List

It was a who’s-who of cleantech last night at the AlwaysOn GoingGreen launch party. A bit smaller crowd than we expected, but a decent turnout for the announcement of AlwaysOn’s list of 100 emerging cleantech companies. Smart grid start-up GridPoint took home the title of “overall winner.” The other 99 companies on the list were a mix of automotive, biofuels, energy efficiency, energy storage, solar, waste management, and water. The list might not be a surefire way to predict these companies’ futures, but it’s a good overview of companies that are getting a lot of buzz.

The event, held at KPMG’s Mountain View campus, attracted a small sampling of the honorees, as well as others interested in the sector, bloggers included.


Going Green winner Better Energy Systems’ Mike Levin, VP of business development (right), shows off their mobile solar charger. The device will cost $99, and, after spending six to eight hours in the sun, packs enough energy to recharge an iPod or mobile phone on the go.

Check out all the photos below:


Going Green winner Serious Materials’ VP of Marketing Steve Weiss and CTO Brandon Tinianov show off their eco-friendly drywall.


KMPG toasts the 100 Winners.


Cleantech VC Ira Ehrenpreis, general partner with Technology Partners, discusses the latest cleantech trends with event attendees.


Ken Kurtzig, CEO of GoingGreen winner iReuse (right), chats about his online eco-friendly tech equipment and furniture resale company.


Always On Founder Tony Perkins takes a break from his conversation with Gabriel Ventures Venture Adviser James Long for a photo.


The 100 list.