Kevin Tofel speaks out on the iPhone rebate issue on the NYT!

Nyt_logoYou may have heard about a little issue that caused early iPhone adopters to get a bit outraged over the announced price drop of the phone.  The New York Times has an article today, "iPhone owners Crying Foul Over Price Cut" which takes a look at the whole amusing situation.  They wanted an expert opinion over the outrage so they reached out to none other than our Kevin Tofel:

The rebate, at least, was enough to mollify some early iPhonecustomers like Kevin Tofel, a blogger in Telford, Pa., who writes aboutmobile phones at a blog called jkOnTheRun. Mr. Tofel was so annoyedwith the surprising iPhone price drop that he was planning to makeT-shirts that read, “I was a $200 iPhone beta tester for Apple.”

“Ijust felt so used as a consumer,” he said. “They hyped up the iPhonefor six months and built up our expectations, and then they grabbed ourextra $200 and ran.”

But Mr. Tofel was pleased to hear about thestore credit. “I think it was probably the best compromise from a P.R.standpoint and the right thing to do for consumers,” he said. “I’m surethey are taking a lot of heat but they are listening to theircustomers.”