From Forum2 Founder, Metro Ethernet Moves

It has been a surprisingly busy Monday, at least from a telecom and broadband perspective. Few hours after Matisse Networks announced a big $45 million round of funding, we heard that Nan Chen, president of Metro Ethernet Forum is upgrading his status to a founder of Qosera, a start-up that will be building what else: Metro Ethernet gear.
I am guessing Qos in Qosera stands for quality of service, something he had talked about when we discussed Metro Ethernet a little while ago. Given that Chen formerly with Force 10 Networks, Atrica, Strix Systems and Nortel has been hanging out with Bob Metcalfe, there is a good chance that Polaris Ventures might end up investing in this company.
Looks like Optical Ethernet is as hot as MVNOs were a while ago. Talking about MVNOs, kajeet, kids focused MVNO raised $36.8 million from Draper Fisher and existing investors. Never mind Amp’d and all those other MVNO flame outs.
Anyway, I am ready to call it a day. Catch up tomorrow!