Of Note: Motorola IPTV, Yahoo Music No-Go, Bottled Water and Jawbone

I am off to tape the show this morning — earlier than usual because of some personal issues. Regular programming will resume when I get back, but meanwhile, enjoy this early morning blog goodness.
[qi:032] Broadband Daily: Motorola might not be shipping too many mobile phones but it is selling a lot of IPTV set-top boxes; to date, it has shipped some two million of them. But then little Amino has shipped over a million.
[qi:009] Earth2Tech: Bottled Water bottles are evil and the earth’s worst enemy. Relax your green self, and check out these options. They are actually quite helpful.
[qi:004] WSJ: Yahoo Music is one of the services on the chopping block as part of Jerry Yang’s 100-Day Makeover.
[qi:056] WatchMojo: With Rupert Murdoch taking over Dow Jones, will someone step up and buy TheStreet.com? Like NBC, maybe?
[qi:80] Telegeography: Tele2’s Italian assets are garnering further interest. First Vodafone, now FastWeb is considering making a bid for Tele2’s Italian broadband business.
[qi:83] Techcrunch: When it rains it pours. Jawbone, maker of one of the best Bluetooth headsets on the planet, has secured funding from Sequoia Capital. The company struggled for the longest time to get funded, then Khosla Ventures stepped in with $5 million. I guess it’s that strong sales (momentum) Jawbone is having at the AT&T stores and Apple stores.