Gracenote Buys Musicphone’s Technology; Adds Customers

Gracenote has aquired Musicphone’s technology, adding interactive voice response to its mobile music service which allows people to search for songs based on artist, title, song lyric or audio snippet. They can then get more info about the song (album info, connections to a fan site, in-depth information about the artist or band) and buy it from carrier platforms. People can now type in a shortcode to identify music playing nearby (which goes down the phone line and is identified) and can now navigate with voice rather than the keypad, which is better in certain situations, such as driving. The technology also adds commerce features, and brings in AT&T and Virgin Mobile USA as customers. They join KDDI, SKT and KTF in Korea and France Telecom/Orange in Europe. Gracenote has 80 million tracks in its database.