HTC TyTN II offers Bluetooth printing

PrintviabluetoothYet another nice feature in the HTC TyTN II / Kaiser / P4550: printing wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled printer. Adam Lein over at pocketnow was commenting on how well the Bluetooth works with his TyTN II; I’ve never had issues with any HTC units, but apparently Bluetooth reception has been barely adaquate in some models. In any case, Adam was bouncing around his e-mail in Outlook Mobile and found a "Print via Bluetooth" option. With the right printer, this function could come in handy when you need to quickly print off some text for someone. I know I’ve had countless situations where I looked up an address or something for someone only to have them read it off my screen and then write it down. Adam mentions a new Bluetooth stack on his TyTN II which looks to provide this functionality. It would be nice to see that stack get pushed out to other Windows Mobile devices!