Mercora now Social.FM, mobile client coming this quarter

Mercora_mWe’ve mentioned Mercora in past and I’ve used the service to stream tunes to my smartphones while out and about. Just got word direct from the company that Mercora is re-branding: the new company is called Social.FM. The new branding looks to capitalize on the social network and music recommendation approach: as I write this, I’m streaming a high-quality Keith Urban tune shared by a DJ / member of the site. Looks like anyone can be a be Social.FM DJ, which gives you a MySpace-like profile page and the ability to queue up your favorite tunes for other members to hear. While you don’t have to, you can share music you legally own through the service. Looks like quite a few have jumped on the bandwagon as there are over 3.5 million tunes available. Looks like it’s all on the up and up based on my interpretation of the Social.FM legal page.

On the mobile side of the house, this quarter will see the introduction of the Social.FM Mobile service, which I expect will be based on the prior mobile functionality I enjoyed with Mercora as shown. No details yet on the mobile service but I expect we’ll hear more soon and I’ve got a note in to my contacts at the company. For now, there’s a free Windows XP / Vista desktop client or you can stream right through your PC web browser.