Mygistics Helps Avoid Traffic Delays

“Traffic sucks” — that was the basic gist of a pitch that Michael Ostrom, CEO of traffic optimization startup Mygistics, delivered this week at the GoingGreen conference. Ostrom says his company is looking to supply better traffic data, which could help with all of the obvious traffic related plagues — lost time, wasted gas, and countless tons of CO2 emissions. Ostrom says the Kansas City, Mo.-based company has been operating with angel funding, but is now looking to raise a series A financing.
Ostrom says Mygistic’s traffic network service collects data from sensors on the side of road, within the road, from the weather, as well as live updated data from household surveys. The company then uses that data to provide alerts to logistics and freight companies, and has services for commuters as well. Ostrom says the company recently partnered with Mapquest.
According to the company’s web site, the service (perhaps the consumer aspect?) is officially launching in the Fall, but the site reveals little other information. I’ve covered a lot of companies that use various technology like GPS and broadband-based car data to develop various types of traffic based alert services, so I’m not exactly sure how Mygistic’s data collection system could be better than ones out there. Probably the one suggestion that comes to mind — talk to Google — a partnership could prove invaluable.