X-Googlers Ready To Start It Up

[qi:009] Google (GOOG) employees are in that phase where they can exercise their options, lock in their profits and high tail out of the Googleplex. With their Mansions and Maseratis paid for, it is time for them to go start something new. Take for instance Cuill, a search start-up co-founded by Tom Costello and Anna Patterson and rumored to have raised $10 million from Greylock Partners.
And there is Ooyala, a startup that offers video content management and clickable video interfaces. We were just alerted about OpTrip, an automated travel planning company, started by Calvin Yang another X-Googler. Today Liz has the scoop on another new start-up, Howcast started by former Google Video guy Jason Liebman.
Given the halo around Google, it is a good time for Googlers to strike out on their own. They can raise a ton of money on reputation itself. Being associated with a successful company or a big exit is all the cachet VCs need to sign the checks. Many Skype employees have left the company and started their own ventures (or funds) with liberal funding after eBay (EBAY) bought the voice telephony company. We will have details on two more companies started by former eBay-Skype folks.
If you have heard of any other members of the ex-Google Club, let us know.