HP 2710p watch- shipping update

OK, now I am completely confused.  After my conversation with HP yesterday it was determined that the 2710p I ordered would likely ship at the end of this month.  I received an email from HP at midnight last night that totally confuses the situation:


This was accompanied by a tracking # and when I checked that I found this:


Now, this is confusing for a number of reasons.  First, it shows that the shipment was transmitted to FedEx at 2 AM yesterday, long before my conversations with HP.  Second, it shows an estimated delivery of this morning by 10:30, yet FedEx hasn’t touched the shipment since 2 AM yesterday.  And third, the weight is only 4 pounds so there’s no way it contains everything that HP says they shipped.  I suspect it’s one or all of the peripherals and not the 2710p, which still doesn’t fit what the HP rep told me yesterday.  Yep, I’m confused.  🙂