How to get high quality album art for your DAP


TUAW ran a nice tip last week on how to get high quality album art for your iTunes library, but it should actually work for digital audio players other than iPods as well. If you point your browser to Josh’s iTunes Album Art Grabber page, you can search the iTunes servers for any artist and album combo. Several of the albums I searched for came back with a 600 x 600 pixel image, which looks magnificent on small-screened music players capable of showing off album covers. TUAW indicates that some of the album art tops out at 1425 x 1425 pixels, but I didn’t find any of those gi-gunda-sized pics; then again, I listen to Country, so I suppose I’m lucky to even find music.

There’s no automation involved here, however: Josh’s site will provide you a download link to each cover and you can simply save the album art and then update your collection manually. It may take some time, but if your mobile device has a worthy screen, why not give it some worthy album art? I’ve never been happy with the art on my Zune, so I’ll be looking forward to testing this on the QVGA screen to see what happens.