Palm Treo 500v impresses Treonauts with build quality, slimness


Most folks don’t seem jazzed over the new Palm Treo 500v, but we all have to remember that it’s an entry-level smartphone. While it won’t have all the latest & greatest features, this device could be the first foray into Windows Mobile 6 Standard for many people. Treonauts offers the latest unboxing and impressions; you might be surprised to hear that for an inexpensive device, the build quality appears to be rock solid and it’s slimmer even than the 680:

"It’s a bit difficult to explain but the Treo 500 feels extremely solidin your hands and you get the impression that this is a device whoseparts have been “fused” together.  There is also absolutely no“plasticky” feel about it and in this respect it may be an entry levelTreo but it certainly doesn’t feel cheap at all…"