The Daily Sprout

Solar Cash: Solar Power Partners, which sells solar services raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Globespan Capital Partners — release.
Traffic=Fuel Waster: If you haven’t noticed, traffic congestion in our nation’s cities is getting worse. A new report notes that the problem, besides being a major annoyance, wastes 2.9 billion gallons of fuel in the U.S. each year – release.
Wave On: A large-scale UK wave farm being deployed off the coast of Cornwall, England, cleared a major regulatory hurdle – Renewable Energy Access.
H2…Or Biofuels: In India, Subir Roy wonders “where’s the water to grow biofuels” – Business Standard.
Green Heat: Greenwood Technologies claims to have developed an efficient way to burn wood to heat buildings. While it’s debatable whether the technology is “green enough,” the debate didn’t stop the company from raising $3 million in green VC – Seattle Post Intelligencer.