Vodafone Australia Releases Consumer Charter For Mobile Advertising

Vodafone Australia has released a consumer charter for mobile advertising — it wants other carriers to adopt it but they seem reluctant to just accept it without stamping on their own identity. The charter “will cap the number of times an advertiser can initiate contact with a customer to once every 28 days, although there will be exceptions, such as sponsored news alerts”. It will also limit the ways alcohol and pharmaceutcal advertisers can appear on the handsets to sponsor news alerts — alcohol isn’t banned outright because “A lot of (sports properties) have got an alcohol brand sitting somewhere as one of their sponsors…Those deals are already in place. We are just broadcasting what’s public” reports Australian IT.
The charter covers all forms of mobile advertising including things like microsites and brands acquiring customer databases to do ongoing one-to-one campaigns, and states that customers must opt in to receive an advertising message and be able to opt out. It also states that Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) will not release customers’ personal information to advertisers and covers technical, pricing, complaint resolution and campaign tracking issues. Parent groups and kids groups are worried about children being deluged with advertising, especially from fast food joints.