Google’s Strong Mobile-Related Patent Portfolio

Evaluserve claims that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has an interest in video games, TV and mobile e-commerce as well as plans for a Google phone, citing a large number of patents. As Information Week points out, it’s not really news that Google is into any of these things considering its recent moves, such as buying YouTube, in-game advertiser AdScape and so on. In fact, it would be surprising if Google came out and said it didn’t have plans for mobile e-commerce. However, the patents are pretty interesting: “a Feb. 4, 2002, patent by Daly City, Calif.-based inventor Louis Irizarry, “Cellular telephone case,” … U.S. Patent number 6,982,945, “Baseband Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Transceiver”; U.S. Patent number 6829289, “Application of a Pseudo-randomly Shuffled Hadamard Function in a Wireless CDMA System”; U.S. Patent Application number US 20070067329, “Overloaded Communication Session”; U.S. Patent Application number US20070159522, “Image-based Contextual Advertisement Method and Branded Barcodes”; U.S. Patent Application number US20060004627, “Advertisements for Devices with Call Functionality Such as Mobile Phones”; U.S. Patent Application number US20050185060, “Image Base Inquiry System for Search Engines for Mobile Telephones with Integrated Cameras”; and U.S. Patent Application number US20070066364, “Customized Data Retrieval Applications for Mobile Devices Providing Interpretation of Markup Language Data.”