Japanese Mobile Internet Users Rack Up 8.1 Hours Per Month; PC 18.9 Hours

ComScore has released a report into the web surfing habits of people in Japan. It claims that in June almost as many people used a mobile device to access the internet (53.6 million) as accessed the internet from a work or home PC (53.7 million), which isn’t surprising: A year ago the Japanese government said more people were accessing the internet from mobile phones than PCs, so if anything this would incidate a relative fall, although the Japanese figure was for a whole year and the differences are small enough that they’re largely irrelevant (this study was of 3,100 over-15s). However, the bad news comes with the amount of usage…ComScore (NSDQ: SCOR) said that internet usage on mobile phones averages 8.1 hours per month compared to 18.9 hours per month for PC. What’s more, “consumer satisfaction remains low. Only 12.6 percent of respondents accessing the Internet via a mobile device stated that they were either