Nokia 6301, a UMA phone that actually looks modern

Nokia6301Nokia introduced a new UMA mobile handset for the European market today, the Nokia 6301. Up to now, most UMA phones looked like something from the last century, but this stainless steel Series 40 device is passable in the looks department. Like other UMA phones, the 6301 transfers your voice connection to a WiFi network where possible, which saves your cellular minutes if you don’t have an unlimited plan. When you leave the hotspot, your call is seamlessly transitioned back to the standard cellular network. The 6301 offers a two-inch QVGA or 320 x 240 screen, FM stereo radio, 2-megapixel camera, MicroSD slot, Bluetooth and Push to talk support. The 860 mAh battery is rated for 14 days of standby / 3.5 hours of talk time when using the cellular network and 100 hours of standby / 3 hours of talk time when on a WiFi network. Availability should be next quarter at around 230 Euros.