West Coast Green: Eco Building Startups, Wozniak, SF Mayor

westcoastgreen1.jpgWe already brought you an early glimpse of the West Coast Green conference’s eco picture opp — the earth-friendly prefabricated home that was assembled in downtown San Francisco this week. The green building industry is growing so fast that both the architect and builder behind the home, Michelle Kaufmann Designs and Xtreme Homes, are looking to raise money.
But we’re also looking forward to checking out some of the other, more low-profile green building startups, ones working on technologies that don’t necessarily have the wow-factor of an eco-chic prefab pad. Like Perpetual Water, a four-year-old Australian water conservation technology company that will be showing off its “Garden Angel” system that recycles laundry water for reuse as lawn and irrigation water. Or BioBased Insulation’s soy-based insulation that can make homes more energy efficient.
Smaller solar companies like Marin Solar, Next Energy Solar, and Occidental Power will be there. As well as the folks at the Bay Area biodiesel company LC Biofuels.
Of course, it’s not a media event without San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom showing up. And hopefully Steve Wozniak will give a good show. More from the event coming soon.