New York Trip: NTV Visits Vimeo

I had grand visions of videoblogging my trip to New York this week, but fate (in the form of a camera-snatcher) got in the way. Early on, though, I visited Jakob Lodwick, Jonathan Marcus, and the rest of the team at Vimeo and Connected Ventures. This was my first-ever video interview, and I don’t have any delusions about its quality, but I’d most definitely welcome your critiques.
Vimeo is a video-sharing site focused on personal and creative expression. They make some really cool tools, such as an easy public channel builder that was soft-launched the day after I visited. Vimeo was Lodwick’s side project until the beginning of this year, when parent company IAC gave the go-ahead to hire a team and make a go of it (read more about that here).

Credit to Craig Rubens for post-production on this clip.