Yahoo & Yang’s 100-Day Report Card

[qi:011] There is supposed to be a big meeting today at Yahoo (YHOO) headquarters today, where the entire management will meet and discuss the company’s “grand plan.”
About 300-odd folks with titles that say vice president or something equally elevated will get into a room and listen to Jerry Yang (CEO and co-founder) talk about the future and how it will impact 14,000 Yahooligans. Kara Swisher predicts the meeting will be a snoozefest, and suggests turning it into “Survivor: The Sunnyvale Edition.”
Since June 18, when Yang took over as CEO, the company has spent around $700 million on new companies, shut down some minor projects, shaken up the sales staff, and gotten rid of Lloyd Braun and a bunch of other folks.
The actions thus far are muddled, and while there are high expectations from this meeting, I wouldn’t count on it. How do you rate Yahoo and Yang’s performance so far?

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