Weekend Reader

A Long Wait is Over – The Chandler project, which has been building an open-source PIM with group collaboration and GTD baked in for quite a while, is out with their preview release, which they say is stable enough to trust your data to. Looks ambitious and potentially interesting.
Internet Safety Net – MyPrepaidInternet.com offers 60 hours of dialup for $24.99 with no monthly recurring charges and local numbers across the country. They suggest traveling with their access disk for those times when your wireless or broadband connection inexplicably fail you.
Have an iBrick – Everyone else in the universe covered the Apple-vs-iPhone-hackers battle, so we skipped it. The Gizmodo editorial pretty well sums up the angst of those who had been enjoying a sexy phone with an extensible software platform up until the most recent firmware revision. Those who had been enjoying a sexy phone on its own merits are still cool.
The Truth Behind Videoconferencing – As this cartoon points out, it’s not always about efficiency and saving travel dollars.
You Folks Aren’t Real Friends – We seem to be having another round of social network backlash lately, as various studies tell us we can’t make close friends without face-to-face contact. Blonde 2.0 takes a more nuanced view, pointing out the obvious that new types of relationships don’t mean we have to give up old ones; it’s not a zero-sum game.
QuickSilver for Windows? – Well, they say it isn’t, but Enso by Humanized is certainly in the same arena – a series of little applications that are easy to pop into, including a program launcher, that do stuff as part of a keystroke-driven workflow. They look slick, but I can’t help thinking that this is a return to the era of TSRs from many years ago; power users have always looked to the keyboard to get things done fast.
Sick of Web 2.0? – Perhaps you’d like to relax for a few minutes with the Web 2.0 app GeNerAtor, which comes up with a seemingly endless variety of pointless services, all in beta. This morning it offered me Wamxor, to “churn your favorite documents easily and effectively with your frat brothers!” Only problem: I can’t always tell the difference between this generator and the press releases folder of my inbox.