The Ad Age 100 Leading Media Companies; Internet Revenue Up 22.7 Percent; Time Warner Still On Top;

Ad Age has come out with its annual list of the 100 largest US media companies ranked by revenue … Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) continues to top the list with 2006 US media revenue of $33.9 billion — 11.8 percent of the entire group’s total. Overall, US media revenue for the entire group of companies jumped 8 percent to $297 billion. The complete chart helpfully breaks down the top 100 by revenue form (digital, cable, magazines, etc.), although digital revenue is only specified when the company has a distinct digital division. When digital revenues are wrapped into another division, such as the online side of a newspaper, the data isn’t broken out. On the whole, internet revenue grew by 22.7 percent to $20.7 billion, which was faster than last year’s 20.5 percent clip.
As with other industries, media was heavily affected by the private equity boom as Clear Channel (NYSE: CCU), Univision Communications, Reader’s Digest Association, Catalina Marketing and Cumulus Media. Tribune Co. (NYSE: TRB) and Cablevision (NYSE: CVC)
Some highlights:
Disney (NYSE: DIS) #3. Digital revenue of $280 million out of $16.8 billion U.S. media revenue.
News Corp. (NYSE: NWS): #4. U.S. media revenue of $14 billion. Digital $385 million.
Google (NSDQ: GOOG): #19. Up from #25 the year before. $4.1 billion in U.S. media revenue in 2006.
Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO): #21.The company slipped one spot from the year before, turning in US media revenue of $3.4 billion.
New York Times (NYSE: NYT): #22. Slipped down one notch to # 22, with revenue of $3.3 billion.
Dow Jones (NYSE: DJ): #35. Revenue $1.8 billion.
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT): #41. Microsoft’s $1.1 billion in media revenue moved it up four slots from last year.
In addition to the list, Ad Age also made a useful poster (.pdf) of the top 17 media companies, breaking them down by division and media property, when possible.