Validas analyzes cellular bill, offers money-saving plan suggestions


While a little time and effort would likely yield the same results, Validas will analyze your monthly cell bill and offer up plan suggestions to save you money. You’ll have to download your bill from either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon first and then upload said bill to Validas, but that’s more secure than providing them your on-line account info. The more bills you upload, the more data Validas has to work with but of course, the more it will cost you for their services as well. A single bill upload costs you $5, while you get discounts on multiple bill uploads: five will cost you $10 and 15 brings you to $20.

Once you provide your phone bills, you’ll see some useful reports with detailed breakdowns in very way imaginable for data, voice, fees and more. Yes, you could get most of this info from your carrier if you piece together, but the carrier is unlikely to recommend a cheaper or more cost-effective plan. That’s were Validas comes in: where possible, you’ll get a plan change recommended as well as the impacts of that change: costs, fees and potential savings over your current plan. Again, a little elbow grease and time could do the same, but for people that don’t want to be bothered, there’s some value. You can take Validas for a free spin for the first bill by creating an account.