Vid-Biz: Adobe, YouTube, Nokia

Big TV Companies Grasp for AIR; CBS, PBS, and Yahoo Video are among the companies collaborating with Adobe to distribute video content through the Adobe Media Player, the first application built on Adobe AIR. (Liz pointed out the absence of MTV from this announcement, which appeared in original screenshots of the player.) (release)
YouTube News: Ads, Thumbnails, and Yuletide; video-sharing giant offering AdSense ads for content providers; users can now choose from three different thumbnail options when posting; and consumer electronic device manufacturers gear up YouTube-enable gadgets for the holidays. (Ads: ProBlogger; Thumbnails:; Gadgets: BusinessWeek)
News Corp., Sony and CNN Deliver Video Directly to Nokia; trio is bypassing the mobile carrier decks, as Nokia N95 connects users with mobile sites run by the companies themselves. (Hollywood Reporter)

DVR May Save New TV Shows From Chopping Block, though they once spurned TiVo and its ilk, networks now embrace time-shifting as later playbacks count in the ratings and help scripted shows. (LA Times)
TV Guide Launches Vid Search Tomorrow; editor-centric filter will guide TV searches primarily to content owners’ web sites. (Reuters)
Tom Green: TV to Web, to TV Again; former MTV prankster’s show will roll out on a handful of stations while continuing to broadcast on the web (from his living room). (Broadcasting & Cable)