Bang & Olufsen, Samsung Launch Serenata — With Amazing Speakers

The new Serenata handset from Samsung and Bang and Olufsen, a design company renowned for innovative but price design, has officially launch and its most obvious feature is sticking the screen below the click-wheel, which doesn’t strike me as a particularly good idea at all. However, a video by Zara at Shiny Shiny hosted on Gizmodo added some strength to the claims that the handset is “not just a phone with music features, it’s an actual personal music system on a phone”. The handset has a flip-stand to stand upright and technology B&O say improve the sound quality through the speakers — the sound that comes through on the video is very impressive. El Reg has a review, and notes that “B&O will be selling the phone through its retail stores from next month, with a price tag of around £1000 (